The qCrop service as of version 2020.09.x provides basic Color Management support as follows:

Colorspace conversion (and color separation) is not supported. The cropped target image will always be in the same colorspace as its source.

Color profiles can be applied and converted with the “c<ProfileName>” cropping parameter. qCrop supplies 98 industry standard color profiles for that purpose. The available color profiles are listed below. The desired profile name is put directly after the c-keyword as in this example:


If the source image has no color profile embedded and one of qCrop’s supported color profiles is applied with the “c<ProfileName>”-parameter, the color profile will be declared and embedded in the target image without color conversion.

If the source image has a color profile embedded and one of qCrop’s supported color profiles is applied with the “c”-parameter as target profile, a proper conversion will be executed and the target profile will be embedded in the target image.

Notice: It is the integrators responsibility to choose a meaningful target profile. Mismatches, like the application of a CMYK profile to an RGB image, are not discovered, cause no error messages and potentially result in discoloration.

Color profiles can be stripped from the target image with the “stripColorProfile” cropping parameter. This is sometimes desirable to reduce the size of the target image, but requires a well-defined environment in which to show the target image. If the “stripColorProfile” parameter is used together with the “c<ProfilName>” parameter, qCrop will first do the color profile conversion and afterwards remove the color profile from the target file, regardless of the order of the parameters in the parameter block.

Modern browsers assume the sRGB color profile as default for images that have no embedded color profile. It is therefore a common workflow in online publishing to convert an image to sRGB and then remove the profile from the file. This results in a smaller file size, while also producing correct colors in the browser. This workflow can be accomplished in qCrop with using the “c<ProfilName>” and “stripColorProfile” parameters together:


There exist some slight variations of the sRGB standard. For this reason, qCrop offers multiple different profile names for sRGB profiles. Please refer to the article Which sRGB to use? for a full explanation of qCrop’s sRGB profiles.

Supported Color Profiles

  • AdobeRGB1998
  • AppleRGB
  • CineLogCurve
  • CineonLog_M
  • CineonLog_M_Knee_10
  • CineonLog_M_Knee_20
  • CineonLog_M_Knee_30
  • CineonLog_M_Knee_60
  • coated_FOGRA39_GCR_bas
  • CoatedFOGRA27
  • CoatedFOGRA39
  • CoatedGRACoL2006
  • ColorMatchRGB
  • compatibleWithAdobeRGB1998
  • eciCMYK_v2
  • eciRGB_v2
  • eciRGB_v2_ICCv4
  • GRACoL2006_Coated1_GCR_bas
  • Gray
  • Gray-CIE_L
  • ISOcoated_v2_300_bas
  • ISOcoated_v2_300_eci
  • ISOcoated_v2_bas
  • ISOcoated_v2_eci
  • ISOcoated_v2_grey1c_bas
  • ISOcoated_v2_to_PSOcoated_v3_DeviceLink
  • ISOnewspaper26v4
  • ISOnewspaper26v4_gr
  • ISOnewspaper_v4_26_bas
  • ISOuncoatedyellowish
  • ISOuncoatedyellowish_bas
  • ITULab
  • JapanColor2001Coated
  • JapanColor2001Uncoated
  • JapanColor2002Newspaper
  • JapanColor2003WebCoated
  • JapanWebCoated
  • LStar-RGB
  • LStar-RGB-v2
  • LStar-RGB-v4
  • PSO_Coated_300_NPscreen_ISO12647_bas
  • PSO_Coated_300_NPscreen_ISO12647_eci
  • PSO_Coated_NPscreen_ISO12647_bas
  • PSO_Coated_NPscreen_ISO12647_eci
  • PSOcoated_v3
  • PSOcoated_v3_to_ISOcoated_v2_DeviceLink
  • PSO_LWC_Improved_bas
  • PSO_LWC_Improved_eci
  • PSO_LWC_Standard_bas
  • PSO_LWC_Standard_eci
  • PSO_MFC_Paper_bas
  • PSO_MFC_Paper_eci
  • PSOsc-b_paper_v3_FOGRA54
  • PSO_SNP_Paper_bas
  • PSO_SNP_Paper_eci
  • PSO_Uncoated_ISO12647_bas
  • PSO_Uncoated_ISO12647_eci
  • PSO_Uncoated_NPscreen_ISO12647_bas
  • PSO_Uncoated_NPscreen_ISO12647_eci
  • PSOuncoated_v3_FOGRA52
  • PSR_LWC_PLUS_V2_M1_v2
  • PSR_MF_V2_M1
  • PSR_SC_STD_V2_M1
  • SC_paper_bas
  • SC_paper_eci
  • sRGB
  • sRGB2014
  • sRGB_D65_colorimetric
  • sRGB_D65_MAT
  • sRGB_IEC61966-2-1_no_black_scaling
  • sRGB_ISO22028
  • sRGB_Profile
  • sRGB_v4_ICC_preference
  • SWOP2006_Coated3_GCR_bas
  • SWOP2006_Coated5_GCR_bas
  • uncoated_FOGRA29_GCR_bas
  • UncoatedFOGRA29
  • uncoatedYellow_FOGRA30_GCR_bas
  • USWebCoatedSWOP
  • USWebUncoated
  • VideoHD
  • VideoNTSC
  • VideoPAL
  • WAN-IFRAnewspaper26v5
  • WAN-IFRAnewspaper26v5_gr
  • webcoated_FOGRA28_GCR_bas
  • WebCoatedFOGRA28
  • WebCoatedSWOP2006Grade3
  • WebCoatedSWOP2006Grade5
  • Web_SC_FOGRA40_GCR_bas

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